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  Shanghai Qianhe Law Firm was founded in 2000 on October 10,Gao Qianhe who is a first grade lawyer is the founding partner of Qianhe Law Firm.Our Law Firm has rich experience in providing legal services to domestic and foreign clients and professional team work is characteristic of our Law Firm.Since its establishment,large state-owned enterprises, financial group, municipal engineering project has always been our Law Firm’s main service object.
    Our Law Firm has been paying attention to create legal service brand with professional team work. We uphold the service spirit of “high quality, high efficiency” and strive to provide clients with comprehensive legal services.We undertake various types of business, such as civil, criminal, economic, administrative, labor and other litigation,arbitration ,non lawsuit case which involve the company restructuring, assets operation, municipal engineering construction, infrastructure project finance, banking, financial securities, real estate development, electronic commerce, intellectual property rights, culture media, tax and other fields. Thereinto, asset merger and acquisition, municipal engineering construction,financial securities and all kinds of litigation agency business as our firm’s core services.
   The partners and full-time lawyers of our Law Firm are senior lawyers who have many years practice experience  and higher professional quality .They has profound theoretical knowledge and practical experience .And they all graduated from famous domestic law schools.Since its establishment,our Law Firm  has been repeatedly rated as Shanghai civilization unit and Shanghai judicial system advanced collectives.