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Real estate

The real estate and construction project

Real estate and construction is one of QianHe’s main business . We have provided fully legal services for all kinds of real estate projects, served for several large groups  and municipal projects as a legal, to provide legal services throughout the year.  Scope of service :

Advice for real estate and infrastructure investment policy,and legal environment around china to principal;

Design legal structure for ensuring the legitimacy and feasibility of the company’s project;

Prudent legal investigation and legal issues consulting connected with the development and acquisition of real estate project;

Consultation of legal issues about the bidding of construction project;

Legal documents drafting and review in the sales, leasing, transfer, property management and so on;

Legal services for land use right transfer, authority card management, construction project, asserts transfer and so on;

Legal services for financial leasing;

Legal services for assets operation (transfer, mortgage, auction, equity transfer, etc.) on the basis of  infrastructure and real estate;

All kinds of real estate litigation, arbitration cases agency.