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Dispute settlement

Dispute settlement
Agent for  litigation and arbitration, it is one of the main business of us.
Our litigation lawyers that have a wealth of experience in the court litigation in China, or in the China international economic and trade arbitration commission, and other arbitration institution to solve all kinds of disputes.At the same time,we give assistance to the clients to apply for the Chinese court for enforcement of foreign judicial decisions or arbitral awards.In many years of legal services, we pay full attention to the high specialization, high technology content of the business in the field of strengthening research and development, the business covers many aspects of civil, commercial, administrative and criminal.At present, the legal services provided mainly include:
◆Provide a constructive and workable dispute prevention program
◆Strategy design for dispute resolution
◆Agents throughout the litigation and arbitration cases, including pretrial investigation, applying protective measures, to bring an litigation / arbitration procedure, respondent, filed a counterclaim / anti requests
◆Mediation and settlement of dispute
◆To apply for court decision and the execution of the arbitral award