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Company affairs

 Legal affairs of company’s operation and management  

Legal affairs of company’s operation and management is one of the core business areas. Our lawyers have rich practices experience in the comprehensive legal services providing for famous multinational companies, large and medium-sized state-owned enterprises, private enterprises and government departments and many other customers.

We provide comprehensive consulting and implementation plan in corporate governance structure, investment and compliance for the purpose of  improving the management efficiency and the positive operation for customers, reduce unnecessary administrative penalties, civil liability and criminal liability, and any other legal risks which may cause significant adverse impact on customers business.

Scope of service:

Designing legal advice and solution related with corporate governance structure, board and board of supervisors and management designation;

Drafting legal documents and designing project related with management equity and  options incentive plan;

Providing suggestions or advice for contracts and/or agreements. Establishing and perfecting model contracts;

Reviewing and modifying the contract, agreement, articles of association and any other legal documents;

Assisting companies in foreign diplomacy and negotiation in the form of non-litigation if a dispute arises;

Provide services in the company to business partners or business adversary prudence and credit investigation services;

Reviewing and modifying the senior management personnel and other employees of the labor contract and service contract, service agreement and labor dispatch agreement;

Drafting and modifying staff confidentiality agreement, training agreement, non-competition agreement and other agreements related labor contract;  Professional training for the labor law;

Labor dispute settlement, labor dispute negotiation on behalf of the company; To participate in the labor dispute arbitration and litigation.